The Tyrant - Penelope Sky

The Tyrant

By Penelope Sky

  • Release Date: 2019-03-19
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 521 Ratings


I've fallen in love with Cato, and I'm not afraid to say it.

He doesn't need to say it back. I know how he feels.

Even if he doesn't have the balls to admit it.

Our daughter will be here soon, and our lives will change forever.

Will Cato let go of the past? Let go of the promise he made to execute me?

Or should I have never come back?


  • Too short!!

    By 2titi2
    Storyline was ok. Siena became a nag and the story abruptly came to an end after 200 pages. Then you have 200 more pages of some other book I didn’t want to read.
  • Great series

    By Bingo rena
    What a great series! Penelope Sky can write so well! With perfect descriptions sexy hot love making in all kinds of ways, a rare find. I will be following Ms Sky.
  • 6 stars

    By Kc0430
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It doesn’t matter what the blurb is. If Penelope writes it, you read it. These aren’t your average HEA romance novels. They are so much more and I literally feel like I am in the story as the female lead. What a fantastic ending to rollercoaster story that had me crying and yelling at my iPad through all 3 books.
  • P. Sky doesn’t disappoint

    By Vanessa1993
    Penelope Sky, you don’t disappoint! The ending to this series was absolutely great! I just love the characters‘ personalities you create, not just in this series but in your other series as well. Please don’t ever stop writing, your amazing at what you do!!
  • Sad to see it end but what an amazing ending!!

    By Sassy982011
    What an amazing conclusion to this series! Penelope does such a wonderful job creating these strong women in difficult situations who rise above and become stronger than ever. She also writes hot alpha men who have redeemable qualities. Cato is a stubborn man who knows what he wants but doesn’t realize what he needs and Siena is just the woman who has showed him what he needs is what he actually wants. Men are slow. Lol jk. But some do take a little longer to see what’s in front of them. This book is action packed and in true Penelope fashion, fog the glass steamy!
  • The Tyrant

    By Nay Nay 18
    Siena and Cato seemed to be off to a good start. The holidays were in the air and Cato seemed to have done a complete 360• but in a blink of an Cato snatched that away and became the tyrant he convinced everyone he was. This was definitely a five star read for me. Bates is really something and if makes me wonder if a certain promise from Cato would mean a possible story in the future for Bates. One could only hope. I loved the cameo from Crow and hope we get bits of cameos from everyone in future books. I miss the gang!! Can’t wait for Skull King ❤️
  • Disappointed

    By Ang-Gee
    I loved the series and I couldn’t wait to see if they ended up together at the end. I was very disappointed with the end. I wanted to know how Cato’s life was after he left the criminal life behind. Not even to tell us a year or two later how they were and what they were doing. We pay to read a good book we should get to see a little bit into the future how they are doing. I was very disappointed and upset.
  • Good read

    By SimplyAsh
    The Tyrant was a good read. I love the story Cato and Siena have. The constant push and pull of emotions keeps you wanting more and more. I will say though that I feel this book was a little more rushed then the first 2. So many questions left unanswered. What about Bates? Does he find someone? If so does Cato keep his promise he made when he was angry at him? I wish their would have been an Epilogue that went into some of that stuff like Penelope typically puts at the end of her books. Spelling and grammar errors were a bit frequent I felt. I know Penelope is a fantastic author because I have been reading her books for years. I love her work no matter what and this story was definitely a good one, I definitely recommend reading it! I can’t wait for her new series that’s coming out!
  • Another Great Series

    By Reena39
    I loved Cato & Siena from the very beginning but I was a little disappointed at the sudden ending of the story. I was hoping for an epilogue at the end to bring the story to a complete end. I always love when past characters make appearances in the new story lines. Crow & Pearl were the first characters I feel in love with so it was nice to have him in this story.
  • Loved it

    By kay1569
    It was so good!!!