Lord, King of the Romanian streets - Blandine P. Martin
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Lord, King of the Romanian streets

By Blandine P. Martin

  • Release Date: 2016-11-28
  • Genre: Animaux de compagnie


Ears that stick up, a crooked leg and a plumed tail, this is Lord, the street dog.

Either by bad luck or by chance, he was born in the heart of a country where it is hard to survive when you have four legs and fangs and your home is the streets.

He wanders at will, soldier of a freedom he has not chosen, in a world where most men would destroy his kind.

That is the life of a street dog in Romania.

That's how it was for Lord... until the day his life changed.

In her book "Lord, king of the Romanian streets", Blandine P. Martin offers us a fresh and invigorating story, a beautiful tale of a rescue as it plays out.

Throughout the pages, she makes us sensitive to the plight of street dogs in Romania without dwelling on the horror that stray dogs still face in this country. On the contrary she shares, not just Lord's story, but the stories of all those involved and the initiatives taken to help protect these animals in danger, It is a story of devotion and compassion without which nothing is ever possible.